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Tips on writing research papers

The most significant thing is to make the title simple without losing any aspect that is essential. In addition, your title should capture the attention of the readers and be distinguishable from other titles on similar topics.

Tips for the title of paper

  • Keep 12-15 words long with your title.
  • Include keywords which should describe your study’s existence and help readers recognize your paper in databases.
  • Avoid using jargon and abbreviations which your readers might not be familiar with.

Structure of research paper

Abstract: It is summary of your research paper which should be 250-300 words long. The abstract is the first part of your paper which summarize the summary of research paper.

Introduction: This section is intended to guide a reader to a specific research topic from a general subject area. Mention the nature of the research study and its importance. Focus on the current understanding of the subject and background information, stating the work ‘s intent.

Literature Review: This deals with books, academic papers, and all other outlets that relate to a specific field of study. Its purpose is to include a definition, a review and a critical assessment of the scientific work on the problem of research under consideration.

Methodology: This part describes about the methodology to be used for getting the desired results. 

Results: This part shows the result of your paper which is logical outcome of your paper. 

Discussion: Try connecting an introduction, a literature review and a result portion to make a discussion section impressive. By doing so, you are able to explain how a research subject can be interpreted by readers.

Conclusion: Conclude your research in this section and recommend new possible area for research. 

References: Mention the papers that you have followed in your research paper. 

There might be some additional part such as acknowledgement and table of contents.

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  1. It is a good explanation of the format or structure of research papers. The research paper concept should be unique and precise.

    Good advice is given by IJRASET Team. I have gone through your multiple blogs, I found your all blogs so good for students.

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