Best Journals to publish the Research Papers

How to write good research paper? – Few Tips

First, you need to decide the topic for the research paper. You need to decide the title of the paper once the topic id decided.

The most significant thing is to make the title simple without losing any aspect that is essential. In addition, your title should capture the attention of the readers and be distinguishable from other titles on similar topics.

You need to have clear idea on length of research paper and citation style. You also need to decide about the time allocation for writing the research paper. 

Few Tips:

  • Avoid the topic with very less research work. Pick the topic that is researched a bit.
  • You need to do lot of brainstorming or mind mapping if topics are assigned by your supervisor.
  • Focus on development of research instead of focusing on thesis development.
  • You can follow online databases like Wikipedia, google scholar, encyclopedia, scholarly articles from scientific journals.
  • Review all sources, evaluate and take a quick note of key ideas from your study. 
  • You need to structure the key points from your study before writing the research paper.
  • Planning and outlining are very important part of research paper. It will save your lot of time when you will start writing the paper. 
  • Outline is like the road map of research paper writing. 

We have shared the few tips for writing the research paper which are very common for all type of research. These tips are not specific to any topic or subject.